May 31, 2013 GK Bryn

Freelance Web Designer – Why Should I Hire One?

Thats a very good question, and one I feel should be answered on a site such as this. I have worked both freelance and employed positions and as a webmaster/designer have enjoyed both immensely, however given a choice as a designer, I would opt to work on a freelance basis every time. Why?…more than anything, variety.

But what about you? It’s your business after all, and you may be wondering what the benefits of hiring a freelance web designer over employing a full time position would be. Well, here’s a few pointers about freelance web designers you should consider when making this decision.

A freelance web designer needs to be pretty awesome.

Freelancers need to be really good at what they do to keep your custom. It’s is you that’s paying them, and there are a thousand others out there. A good freelancer knows this, and will go above and beyond to keep your custom and provide you with a service they know can’t be beat.

Freelance web designers are the most cost effective option.

Hiring a full time employee to design and build your website can be expensive and provides no flexibility once the site is finished. It is unlikely there will be enough work to provide a designer with a full time employment position after the website is complete, so becomes expensive for single website builds at this point. Freelance web designers can be totally flexible with time and involvement with your website. On completion of the work, the freelance designers time can be scaled back to suit needs of the business as and when required.

Web design agencies have large overheads, big salaries, and need support staff to help them run. As such their prices will be higher. Freelance web designers don’t have these overheads to worry about, so can provide a more cost effective web development design solution for both small and large clients.

A freelance web designer can provide better budget flexibility & management.

Larger design agencies tend to go after bigger jobs, and the smaller website builds may end up taking a back seat. Freelance web designers have the opportunity to offer services and solutions to suit all needs and budgets. A good freelancer will suggest ways of cutting costs, and help you manage your budget, whatever the size of the job.

Freelance web designers can offer alternatives to bespoke products.

Bespoke Content Managed Systems(CMS) can be expensive to develop and maintain. Freelancers have the opportunity to design for, use and maintain any number of 3rd party & open source products for you, providing the same ‘custom build’ functionality at a fraction of the price.

Freelance web designers need to provide excellent customer service.

A good freelance web designer will keep in touch with you regularly and be available as and when required. Due to the way freelance web designers are able to be flexible with their time, they can work outside of ‘normal office hours’ and provide support and assistance when you require it.

Freelance web designers tend to have a fresher approach.

Freelance web designers have the freedom to create the perfect solution for your web site. As freelancer, I spend most of my time learning, if I’m not working. Freelancers have more opportunity and scope to learn and use new and emerging web technologies, and as such tend to enter into new projects with fresh eyes, and new ideas.

So there it is, just a few pointers and tips on the ‘pros’ of hiring a freelance web designer, over employing one full-time.

Wow, I do believe that’s the biggest, most public hint i’ve ever dropped.

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