October 18, 2017 GK Bryn

Force Woocommerce Database Update in WordPress

Well, realising I had to try to force Woocommerce database update in WordPress had me scratching my chin for…ohhh, 2 mins 😉

So this is more a note-to-self on what you need to do when you run head-long in to updating the WooCommerce plugin and the following conditions arise :

1) didn’t back-up database
2) forgot a DB upgrade might happen

3) decide to ignore the WooCommerce DB upgrade prompt until creating a back-up
4) WooCommerce DB upgrade prompt is now gone, and shit is fucked coz’ my DB is not up to date with the plugin

If this sounds like you at one point or another, then this URL nugget of happy might save you some time – it did me 🙂


Login to WordPress and throw the bold bit from the code above on the end of your domain name in the browser bar, to force WooCommerce database update check prompt, and get that shit fixed-up!.

We can all thank a random web strider at StackOverflow for this time-saving slice.

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