Animated Zepto Page Transitions with CSS

Animated Zepto page transitions with CSS are not something I have had to deal with before myself, mostly due to the fact that to make it work well, there is a need to hi-jack the users browser to some extent. On the internet this is generally a no-no. “You can’t hi-jack my browser…it’s my browser, i’ll make it work, how I want it to work.” And quite right too…for the everyday, public-facing, user friendly website.

But what about if its not public facing? What if its only available to internal staff? What if its a web based presentation for high-level staff at a global company, who want to impress their bosses on the other side of the world, and show their forward thinking by displaying their latest information using new and exciting ways? Well… I don’t know about yourselves, but I think thats a different kettle of fish altogether. Read more

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